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Blog. Here is our blog page with details of all our latest information, and products we offer. These consist of an alcohol home detox and residential rehab centres. Established in 2009 Cetox Healthcare has been a driving force in addiction treatment. Offering the most supported alcohol home detox programs anywhere in the UK, and the most affordable residential rehab centres available in the UK. We also offer the most affordable drug testing kits to which we supply the NHS, the prison service and the Police, just to name a few.

Alcohol Home Detox

Since 2009 we have been offering alcohol home detox programs to help clients who have an addition to alcohol. This is genuinely the most supported alcohol home detox program anywhere in the UK. At no point are you on your own. There is always a nurse at the end of the phone to help you. Plus our nurse will call you several times a day. This is medication times and health checks. We also monitor your blood pressure etc during your home detox program. You can start your alcohol home detox today.

Residential rehab

We offer residential rehab centres in the following locations. Birmingham – Blackpool – Bournemouth – Bristol – Cardiff – East Sussex – Leicester – Liverpool – Luton – Norfolk – Northampton – Nottingham – Scotland – Watford. So we should have a rehab centre not too far from you. These all deal with drug and alcohol addiction. All the rehab centres are CQC Registered and all work under the guide line of NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence). We normally have immediate admission on all our residential rehab centres.

Addiction Forum

You may have lots of questions you would like to know, but do not want to call us. That is also fine. You should find all the things you need to know answered on our addiction forum. This is the UK’s biggest addiction forum, with thousands of views every year.

Addiction Helpline

Our addiction helpline has been helping clients since 2009 who are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is a free service and everyone is welcome to call us. If you or a loved one have an issue with drugs or alcohol, or think you might have, give us a ring. We can help you. We help 100’s of people every month. Call our addiction helpline today.